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Enjoy an amazing massage by a Licensed Massage Therapist. My rate is $80/hour. I offer a variety of packages and discounts. Choose from a variety of treatments to improve your physical and emotional wellness. I offer an extensive menu including but not limited to Swedish, Deep Tissue (Structural Integration aka Rolfing) Hot Stone,and for the athletes, Sports Massage. Please take some time to look through my site.

Enjoy a great massage today

massage therapist Dennis ReplogleIn 1996, when I graduated from Massage Arts and Sciences of Philadelphia. After working as a therapist at the Ritz Carlton in Philadelphia for 4 years before I moved to Florida. I am now a licensed massage therapist in Florida.

You will receive super first-rate services during every treatment. You can help me improve my service to you by telling me what massage techniques work best for you. Tell me if you have pain or if you just want to relax.

How to get a great massage treatment

Here are some things that you can do that help you enjoy your experience.

  • discuss the type of treatment you are seeking and the cost before you make the appointment
  • book 24 hours in advance
  • ask me questions before your treatment so you can relax and enjoy during
  • arrive 5 minutes early-this will enable us to discuss your treatment and give you the full time on the table.
  • smell clean and fresh with no excess of perfume or cologne
  • take off jewelry
  • communicate your feelings during the treatment-letting me know that what I do feels good helps me to do it better, and I absolutely do not want to do anything you don’t like
  • regulate the depth of pressure by simply saying ‘lighter’ or ‘deeper’
  • take advantage of financial incentives

Financial Incentives

  • Buy 3 sessions for $180
  • book before noon on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and receive 20% off
  • come from the gym, get free assisted stretching before your Swedish or Deep Tissue treatment


Call 954-763-2955 to request an appointment.
If I do not answer, please leave a message
I take cash and plastic.

lient experiences with massage by Dennis “Professional Massage Therapy

  1. Dennis is an incredible masseur. He is super easy to schedule an appointment with. His massage room is comfortable and clean. He checked on me through the massage to make sure the pressure was ok. I’ve been training five days a week and thanks to Dennis, he’s helped my mobility which has given me the ability to run faster and push harder during my workout sessions. Can’t wait to see him again!!!

  2. Terrific massage! Being a massage therapist and needing the healing touch after working on clients; my body is always in need of a skilled massage to elevate my body tension. Dennis is skilled, personable, and talented to make me feel like new again so that i am able to tackle the world. Dennis is my massage therapist choice cause he loves what he does and does it with perfection. Thank you Will

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