Deep Tissue Massage in Fort Lauderdale

Deep Tissue Massage is the common term for Structural Integration. Deep Tissue Massage is the deep manipulation of the body’s facial, a specialized system of the body involving widely distributed connective tissue called fascia that creates the body’s supportive network. The superficial layer of fascia is often compared to a knit sweater that wraps the entire body to explain how fascia links all body regions together. Deeper fascia separates individual structures without losing the cohesion between them. For example, it wraps individual muscle fibers, fascicles, and individual muscles and then weaves them to tendons to attach muscle to bone. It provides the underlying supportive structure of blood vessels, lymph vessels, and nerves, defines the shape of organs, and tethers them in their proper places within the body

muscle massage

Imbalance in the Fascial System can cause poor posture and challenge physical coordination. Deep Tissue Massage can often reverse the effects of pulling on bone and muscle by the fascia. Effects are achieved in blocks of sessions, preferably 10 in a month or less. A full body analysis before and after a block of sessions will determine the results of the treatment.