Sciatica-Massage treatment for serious pain


Sciatica-Massage treatment for serious pain

Sciatica is a very common condition that refers to a pain that radiates from the base of the spinal cord, to the hip and down the leg, sometimes terminating at the foot. The most common causes are a subluxation, or displacement, of one or more lumbar vertebrae and tightness or spasm in the piriformis and surrounding muscles. Sciatica is acquired by very common movement and posture as well as injury to the lower back. Sciatica is usually treated successfully by chiropractic adjustment if it is caused by a subluxation of the lumbar vertebrae and by massage if the cause is tightness of the deep hip rotator muscles. The best call to action is to hit it with all you can because if the problem is left untreated the sciatic nerve can sustain permanent damage.

A combination of Sports Massage, Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue Massage can be used to to treat the muscles of the leg. The piriformis, which can easily be the cause of the pain can be stretched. The entire leg will benefit by Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage. The tightness and pain caused by sciatica can be greatly reduced by the proper treatment.

If you experiencing unilateral pain in one leg for more than one day, seek treatment. Sciatica can cause permanent damage to the nerve. Make an appointment for a massage by calling Dennis at 954-763-2955.


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